About Us

 Victory Adventure Expeditions was created by Captain Ben Garrett, a veteran navigator, boat builder, electronic engineer, inventor, and missionary from California.


This part of his life started in 1977 when he almost died from a decompression accident (Bends), while diving for lobster in Easter Island, Chile. Unconscious he was evacuated to Valparaiso, Chile and was able to survive, though the accident left him using canes. While in the hospital his sailboat “Good Ship Grace” was stolen and crushed. He still had the dream of sailing and helping others experience the wonders of creation, so he didn’t give up and stayed in the country to start all over again.

On March 7 1986, Captain Ben took a big step in realising his dream — the launching of the Tallship S/V VICTORY. This happened in Puerto Montt, Chile after 3 years of construction, and with this, Victory Adventure Expeditions was founded. Shortly afterwards, Captain Ben met his wife, Monica. Monica Venegas came from a small town of the Chilean Central Valley. They got married and started the adventure now together. Since that time the VICTORY did tourism in such places as Arica, Valparaíso, Puerto Montt, Tierra del Fuego, and Cape Horn, Chile, sailing from one end of Chile’s 2,600 mile coastline to the other.

The Garretts have navigated the region of Tierra Del Fuego since January 10, 1991 after arriving there at Puerto Williams for a documentary about Darwin’s voyage with the VICTORY as the Star, and decided to make the beautiful and tranquil Puerto Williams their home.

After a few years doing tourism in the area, Captain Ben, finished realising his dream. Now he created the Online Agency in which you are connected right now. New destinations were offered, including Antarctica. Since 1995 he has been given years of successful Internet marketing experience.

Ben and Monica had 3 daughters: Grace born in 1988, Victoria in 1998 and Amy in 1999. Captain Ben continued sailing until 2006 when he retired. The Tallship S/V VICTORY has a new owner, but is still based in picturesque Puerto Williams in the Tierra Del Fuego section of Chile among the unspoiled beauty of “The Uttermost Part Of The Earth.”

Captain Ben continued working at his agency until 2012, when for health problems the family had to moved to Punta Arenas, Chile. By then, his daughter Grace took charge of the agency until today. Captain Ben passed away on May 2 2014, but his legacy continues; his work, his ministry, his family.